Shrewsbury & District Riding Club Rules 2016

In accordance with the Constitution, the management and administration of Shrewsbury & District Riding Club is the responsibility of the Committee and its decision shall be final and binding on the members. Club Rules may be made or repealed by the Committee and amendments published in the Newsletter.

Being affiliated to British  Riding Clubs (BRC) members of SDRC are also bound by BRC rules which can be found on the BRC website

1 Health and Safety

In furthering the aims and objectives of the Club all aspects of safety are paramount. It is appreciated that much of this is common sense but the following rules must apply:-

All matters governing health and safety must be followed by those attending any function organised by SDRC these may vary from venue to venue and event to event.  This applies to spectators as well as those riding.

1.      A health and safety assessment  for each event/ venue should be available.

2.      An accident form should be completed for any accident that occurs. Copies are available from clinic/ event organisers. These will be held by the club secretary for safekeeping.

3.      Hard hats must be up to the current standard specified by British Riding Clubs. 

      The current standard for headgear as at Jan 2016 is explained in the BRC document “BRC 2016 Hat tagging guide for competitors” this may be updated at anytime and the onus is on the rider to keep up to date with the rules. This may viewed on the BRC website or by clicking the link on the club information page on the SDRC website.

4.      Correct footwear must be worn.

5.      Emergency access must not be blocked it must be possible to get emergency vehicles to all areas.

6.      When parking at rallies / clinics or whenever a designated parking steward is not in attendance remember to park sensibly and leave access points.

7.      Please remember to clean up after your horse should this be necessary and DO NOT muck out your horse box onto parking areas.


2 Dress


1.      Members should take resposibility for their turnout at rallies and clinics. However it is recommended that long sleeves should be worn when jumping

2.      Ideally  no one should ride without their shoulders being covered. Strappy tops are unacceptable. Jackets, coats etc must be done up when riding and should not be left undone and flapping.

3.      Earrings are not recommended.


1.      Competitors should wear the correct dress for that discipline. (Ref BRC rulebook)

2.      Hair should be neatly tied back or in a hair net.

  1. Hats should comply with the regulation stated in section 1.3. Hats will be checked at all qualifiers and championships!

  2. Skullcap hats must be worn with an appropriate colour silk for that discipline.

  3. Hats with fixed peaks are not allowed in any cross country competitions.

  4. A body protector is obligatory in all cross country competitions and is strongly recommended in show jumping competitions. Class 3 (purple label) must be worn. Body protectors should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturer’s instructions

  5. Body Protectors (the minimum requirements may be updated at any time and the onus is on the rider to keep up to date with the rules.



3 Club Rallies / Clinics

  1. Booking in – This should be done with the organiser as per the individual requirements but ideally be at least 4 days before (instructors need to know how long they are teaching and also the hire of facilities has to be confirmed). In the case of very popular events a  waiting list may be held. Some events may require a deposit or money up front.

  2. . Times – Careful note should be taken of how and when times can be obtained – if for some reason you are unable to comply with this you must let the organiser know when you book in and make other arrangements.

  3. Cancellations- Once you have booked in it is assumed you are coming and you are therefore liable to pay. If you cancel you are liable for the whole of the fee payable unless your place can be filled.  It is up to the discretion of the individual organiser as to whether this is waived if in their opinion there is a genuine  mitigating circumstance, and if full payment is required. For weekly clinics the general rule of thumb is that cancellations within 48 hrs are liable for 50% of the rate and within 24hrs 100% of the rate   Unpaid debts due to the club may well bar that person from being accepted at any event put on by SDRC until the debt has been paid off.

4.       Any Club event will only be run with the knowledge and approval of the Committee. Guidelines on running these events are available from the Secretary and risk assessments and full safety procedure must be followed

5.      The Organizer of an event has the authority to enforce any reasonable safety measures as appropriate to the circumstances

6.      All horses attending Club events must be at least four years old and any particular problems or vices made plain to the group organizer and instructor for safety purposes.

7.      Any horse attending any rally, clinic or competition must be under proper control at all times.  They must NOT be left tied to the side of lorries or trailers unless they are supervised at all times. 

8.      No horse or pony is to be brought to any function organised by SDRC if there is any doubt as to it’s health or well being or if it has an infectious or contagious condition.

  1. Stallions must be led from a bit with reins or with a lead rope of a minimum length of 2.5m

  2. A stallion disc must be displayed on each side of a stallion’s bridle at all times

  3. No person may bring a stallion to a competition without ensuring, at all times, that competitors, ponies/horses and members of the public are not but at risk

4 Rules of Riding in Indoor / Outdoor Schools or Working in Areas

1.      Pass left to left and give the other horse room if you are on the inner track ( be careful if you are carrying a whip not “catch” the other horse)

2.      Priority should be given to anyone in lateral work or counter canter

3.      If you are in walk use the inner track and leave the outer track free for those in trot or canter

4.      Be considerate and polite to other riders 

5 Social Media

Members are reminded that as the SDRC is affiliated to BRC they are required to comply with BRC guidelines regarding the use of social media. These are to be found in the BRC Handbook. Section G15.3 This may be seen on either the club or BRC websites.

Particular points worth noting are:
re-posting, re-tweeting and sharing other users’posts can be seen as endorsing an original comment and can result in disciplinary action,

Post personal opinions or comments on a Club page keep it factual andfor information purposes only

Share individual’s details on Social Media

Post photos of individuals without their consent, (parental consent must be sought if a junior features in a photo to be posted) . Event photographers normally charge for their images to be reposted.

Post anything that could bring BRC or your Club into disrepute

The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to a competition, either club or area, or to participate in any club event, rally clinic if the member has not complied with club rules until the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.