Unaffiliated Dressage Competition open to all members and non-members
At Walford College - 6th October 2019
Walford Dressage 6th October 2019 % Placings Collectives
Intro C Amelia Rose Kempsrer Hilin Enrico 68.04% 1st 70
May Whiston Banks 68.04% 2nd 68
Nikki Hudson Twemlows Galaxy 64.56% 3rd
Anne Jones Mr. B 61.52% 4th
Katie Lloyd Fred 61.17% 5th
Prelim 1 Thea Roberts Prospect Sunchine 69.21% 1st
Emma Tumelty Glynceiriog Troy 68.68% 2nd
Helen Ratcliffe Pride of Brandwood 67.11% 3rd
Claire Osbourne Llangybi Ricardo 67.11% 3rd
Ellen Evans Bricked Dynamite 65.55% 5th
Hannah Shackleton Kerrygrange Ambassador 58.68% 6th
Megan Owen Surprise 56.32% 7th
Prelim 12 Emma Johnson CoeD 72.22% 1st
Adele Moye Kilconierin Gandalf 67.60% 2nd
Claire Osbourne Llangybi Ricardo 66.11% 3rd
Helen Ratcliffe Pride of Brandwood 65.00% 4th
Steph Jones Castleside .Dawn 61.11% 5th
Faith Page Marley 57.76% 6th
Imogen Hanna Rosie 56.30% 7th
Novice 28 Emma Johnson CoeD 66.88% 1st
Sarah Ilett Fulstar 62.29% 2nd
Novice 37a Sarah Ilett Fulstar 66.30% 1st
Elementary 45 Rebecca Mogg ?? 62.24% 1st


Training Opportunities
Alternating Wednesdays Show Jumping with Sarah Warner Dressage with Bev White : Contact Sarah Warner (FB) for details . Enrolment for these clinics is via Horsemonkey

Berriewood show jumping clinics  take place on alternate Thursdays.
If you’re interested please email Deb Cairns at debcairns@hotmail.co.uk or PM on the SDRC Facebook page or call on 07732 339783.
Berriewood flatwork clinics alternate with show jumping -contact Barbara Stafford-Cairns